Fitting It All Together Part 1

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my head lately, writing my own stories while I simultaneously synthesize the ones I have recently read. I’m not sure that it works for all writers this way, but there are times where connections just “come” to me, out of nowhere, and knock me on my ass, I see this as an essential element of “being” a writer and so I wanted to share a recent experience (and a creative teaser) with you.

This past Saturday night a good friend was here from out of town. We sat up a bit too late talking, drinking wine, and generally enjoying life. While the guys decided to stay up even later, I excused myself to bed around 11pm. I was tired. It had been a full day with the kids going to dance class, driving to Albany to go shopping, and just getting through the dirty bits of life in general. But yet, I had to write. I was compelled to write. I didn’t know why or how, but it was late and I just let it happen.

Here’s what I got. There was more to this scene, but really only the last bit matters:

(All works copyright AD Midd 2014—all rights reserved.)

As I approached the turn off the trial that would take me to my road, a figure in the distance distracted me momentarily. At first I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me again, but then I recognized the figure as another runner. He was a young guy, maybe in his early 20s, and as he approached I recognized his form and figure. It was actually hard not to, it was hard to not take note of someone like him.

From our brief encounters on the trail I judged him to be well over 6 feet tall, maybe 6’4″, or 5. His hair was cropped short to his head, a tuft of deep brownish black that accented a coffee and cream complexion indicative of a mixed racial background. High, defined cheekbones complimented this beautiful dark profile along with full lips that screamed “kiss me!”—not that I was fixating. In fact, I really wasn’t since his most distinctive feature were piercing, ice blue eyes.

While I had seen mixed race men with light eyes before, there was something almost otherworldly about this color. They literally shone in the middle of his dark, handsome face and though we had never uttered so much as a syllable to one another, his gaze penetrated me, as if he were trying to speak without opening his mouth at all.

I slowed my pace a little, not just because my turn off the trail was fast approaching, but because I wanted to make sure we crossed paths directly. As he got closer, the tone of his legs glistened in the morning sun, accentuated with every smooth stride. His shirt clung to his clearly defined pectoral muscles underneath and I admired his form as his arms moved in sync with the rest of his body. Despite the signature ear buds firmly in place on us both, I could almost hear him whisper “Hello again, beautiful” to me as he nodded in passing the way runners do.

I know it was silly to think I even stood out among all the other people on the trail, especially to a guy like that who probably had girls falling all over him everywhere he went, but I had seen this beautiful stranger every morning for the past month, so our connection felt rather genuine in that runner’s world way.

Along with the freedom of actually getting out on the road for a run, I looked forward to this. Even though I knew it was pure fantasy, with the stress in my life lately, maybe because of it, these brief nods hello had become one of the highlights of my day.

The relationship of this scene to my own interior wanderings aside, I spent the past few days trying to figure out where it was coming from, to whom my character was so drawn and why. I know my story’s arc, I’m figuring out the details, but I also knew something (or maybe someone?) was missing.

Then, this guy showed up and took my breath away just as much as hers.

I don’t know his name. I don’t know his story. I just knew he was important. TO BE CONTINUED…


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